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Primavera Training Course Outline


Md. Sadiq
B.Tech (Civil), MBA

Brief Profile: Has over 15 years of Experience in Civil Engineering Projects in India and middle east. One of the best Trainers for Primavera and Ms Project Training in India. ecc™ started training Primavera software since 1994. Trained over 250 Batches in Primavera & Msp not only to students but also to leading consulting engineers and project managers.


Cell: 81430 31068 (10am-1pm)

Primavera Course Contents:

Creating a Project
• Create a project
• Navigate in the Projects window
• View and modify information in Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
• Define a Work Breakdown Structure
• Create multiple levels of a WBS hierarchy

Adding Activities
• Describe an activity and its components
• Describe activity types
• Add activities
• Add a Notebook topic to an activity
• Add steps to an activity
• Assign activity codes to activities

Creating Relationships
• View a network logic diagram
• Differentiate between the four relationship types
• Create relationships in the Activity Network
• Create relationships in Activity Details

• Perform a forward and backward pass
• Describe float and its impact on a schedule
• Identify loops and open ends
• Calculate a schedule
• Analyze the scheduling log report

Assigning Constraints
• Apply an overall deadline to a project
• Apply a constraint to an individual activity
• Add notebook topics to constrained activities
• Describe the available constraint types 

Formatting Schedule Data
• Group activities according to specific criteria
• Sort activities
• Apply a filter
• Create a filter

Roles and Resources
• Describe roles
• Views the roles dictionary
• Describe resources
• Identify the differences between labor, nonlabor and material resources
• View the resource dictionary

Assigning Roles
• Assign roles to an activity
• Assign rates on roles

Assigning Resources and Costs
• Assign resources by role
• Assign labor, nonlabor, and material resources to activities
• Adjust Budgeted Units/Time for a resource
• Assign expenses to activities

Analyzing Resources
• Display the Resource Usage Profile
• Format a profile
• Format the timescale

Optimizing the Project Plan
• Analyze schedule dates
• Shorten a project schedule
• Analyze resource availability
• Remove resource overallocation
• Analyze project costs

Baselining the Project Plan
• Create a baseline plan
• Display baseline bars on the Gantt Chart
• Modify the bars on the Gantt Chart

Project Execution and Control
• Describe several methods for updating the project schedule
• Use Progress Spotlight
• Status activities
• Reschedule the project

Reporting Performance
• Describe reporting methods
• Run a schedule report
• Create a resource report with the Report wizard
• Create a report using the current layout

Engineers Cadd Centre is offering best Primavera training at Ameerpet in Hyderabad.

Call us on 81430 31068 for Primavera training details