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STAAD.Pro Training

staadpro training

D. Anand K. Reddy
M.Tech (Structural Engineering with Computer Applications)
Managing Director

Brief Profile: Has over 24 years of Experience in Structural Design Training. First Trainer to train the students on structural software in India. ecc™ is the First CADD Institute in India to formally start training structural software since 1994. Trained over 500 Batches in STAAD & ETABS till date both in the Institute and at Engineering Colleges across India. Also trained almost all the state and central govt engineering departments in Hyderabad since 1994.

Email: md@ecc™

Staadpro trainer at ecc™

STAAD.Pro Training - Course Overview

  • "Concurrent Engineering" based user environment for model development, analysis, design, visualization and verification.
  • Object-oriented intuitive 2D/3D graphical model generation.
  • Pull down menus, floating toolbars, tool tip help.
  • Quick data input through property sheets and spreadsheets.
  • Isometric and perspective views 3D shapes. Sectional views.
  • Flexible Zoom, Pan and Multiple views.
  • Toggle display of Loads, Supports, Properties, Joints, Members, etc.
  • Built-in Command File editor.
  • Copy & Paste through clipboard.
  • Simple Command Language.
  • State-of-the-art Graphical Pre and Post Processor.
  • Rectangular/Cylindrical Coordinate Systems with mix and match capabilities.
  • Joint, Member/Element, Mesh Generation with flexible user-controlled numbering scheme.
  • Efficient algorithm minimizes disk space requirements.
  • FPS, Metric or SI units.
  • Presentation quality printer plots of Geometry and Results as part of run output.
  • Script style Programming language to extract data and execute external software.
  • Performs multiple analysis in the same run.
  • Performs analysis and design in one run.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who plans to become a regular user of STAAD. The class is appropriate for all disciplines, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers & mechanical designers- Diploma & Above.

Upon completion of the class, the student will be able to ....

  • Analyse and design any beam with any loading type and any kind of supports.
  • Analyse and design any 2D Frame with any loading type for any load sets.
  • Analyse and design any plan (3D) of a RCC building for static, earthquake & wind loads.
  • Analyse steel structures with truss elements.
  • Analyse steel structures with beam elements.
  • Analyse 3D Industrial Steel truss structures.
  • Analyse bridge truss for moving loads.
  • Analyse dome shape structures or any structure with plate elements

We recommend the learner to have reasonably good knowledge in "Strength of Materials" and should have a good concept of loads, Shear force & Bending Moment, Deflection, Degree of freedom, Supports, Constraints and little FEA concepts. The course covers the complete analysis and design of RCC structures.

Each Student Receives

  • Comprehensive Course Material in Electronic format.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Resume listing in this website (s).


2D RCC Structures

  • Simple beam with UDL & a Point Load
  • Simple beam with Triangular loads
  • Simple beam with Trapezoidal loads
  • Simple beam with moments & linearly varying loads
  • Continues Beam with various loads and supports
  • Portal frame
  • Portal frame with 5 load combinations- Analysis
  • Multistory / Multi bay 2D Frame- Analysis & design
  • Multistory Frame with load combinations- Analysis & design

3D RCC Structures

  • Simple 3D Structure- G+5
  • Commercial multistory structure- G+10
  • Project: Residential multistory structure- G+10
  • Documentation of results

live Project-1 (Start to Finish)


Wind load & Earthquake analysis of RCC Structures

  • Wind load analysis- Introduction to IS875
  • G+10 Structure – Wind load analysis
  • Earth Quake Analysis - Seismic Coefficient method - IS 1893- a discussion
  • G+10 Structure – Eq load analysis
  • Project – Adding Wind/ Eq loads to the project done above.

Steel Structures

  • Modeling of various truss structures using
    • STAAD Grid, STAAD-Str Wizard, AutoCAD..
  • Analysis of 2D truss.
  • Analysis & Design Check (Code check) of truss structure.
  • Optimization of steel truss.
  • Grouping of members in a steel truss.
  • Steel structures with bending elements.
  • 3D Industrial Steel structures.
  • Bridge truss with moving loads.

Plates and Shells:

  • Spherical slab
  • Conical Slab
  • Circular Slab
  • Rectangular Slab
  • Multiple Cylindrical slab
  • Car gurage with folded plate
  • Shear Walls
  • Rectangular Water Tank
  • Circular Water Tank
  • Intz tank
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Revision of Codes
  • Exam on Structural Analysis & Codes

Live Projects-2 (Start to Finish)

ecc™ is providing best STAAD.Pro Training at ameerpet in hyderabad. Call us on 9866131068 for STAAD.Pro Training course details, fee details, scheduled batches and avail discount offers.