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1) Training for 6 days at college campus?

What do we train Mechanical Engineers at ECC ?

We impart training on AutoCAD, CreO, CATIA, ANSYS, Solid Works, Hyper Mesh at our Head Office @ Ameerpet, Hyderabad (or) Any of our ECC Master Franchise Centers all over India. As a part of our advanced mechanical CADD curriculum we train the students in industry application. The details may be obtained from


What would be the fee for training students at your college campus?

We offer 50% discount to the fee what we offer at our institute, provided the minimum number of students is over 50. So, this comes to Rs.2000/- to Rs.3000/- per head.


Disadvantage: Students/ college cannot give 6 full days for training. Moreover it would be an extremely difficult task for the college to convince their students for 2-3k fees per course.


2) Workshop for 2 days at college campus?

For any CADD course, we give two days workshop. Travel & accommodation should be borne by the college and we shall charge only Rs.1000/- per head for 50 students group and Rs.600/- per head for 100 member group.


Disadvantage: This workshop will give a good idea for the students as what the software is all about. The student will only be aware of what to do and how to do the drafting or any design using CAD software. But, he/she will not have hands-on practice. So, though the fees is less, the student will end up only in getting a certification.


3) Special program that overcomes the above disadvantages


  This is very much possible.

  We adopt a college and make this possible.

  No investment from college.

  Offer valid for 30 colleges in TG State, 30 colleges in AP State and 40 colleges outside AP/TG States.

  No disadvantages as stated in points 1 and 2.

  Students can become masters in the CAD software by the time they leave the campus.

  Students has to pay fees equal to what they pay for workshop.


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