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Course Brushup/ Revision

This is a 3 months program for 2018 passed & 2019 passing out Fresh Mechanical Engineers.. Along with training on any two modeling software, the student will be taught 10 projects on both the software to get in-depth knowledge required to stay ahead to others.

After 2 months of training on two modeling software, the student will be given an option to assist their juniors as LAB STAFF for 5 hours a day, to improve their skills on the software they have learnt parallel to doing projects.

So, the student after doing Projects and Guiding their Junior Students, will naturally be in the top 5% among students who have done similar courses. So, upon getting any interview on these software, the chances of these students being getting through the design job interview will be very bright. The student will be given a special experience certificate as “Design Trainee”, to enable the interviewer notice the resume and shortlist the same for a Technical/ Personal Interview.

Eligibility: B E Mech/ Diploma Mech

Fee: Rs.13600/-
For Two Modeling software
(Any two of Creo, CATIA & Solidworks) + 10 Projects..

Total Duration: 2+2 = 4 months..

a) 2 Month Software Training @ 3-4 hrs a day
b) 2 Month projects Training @ 3 hrs a day.
c) 2 Months Lab assistance @ 5 hrs a day (Optional) Parallel to Item b..


Note:An experience certificate as "Design Trainee" shall be issued upon completion of this course, and the student may opt to work in the Lab (To guide the new students to master the theory part [Simple commands] of the software) for 5 hours a day for a period of 1-5 Months and the student may leave at any point during this time, upon getting a Job. The Maximum permitted time to work as Lab Assistance is 4 months. .

Pl Note: This course is for the people, who believe that staying ahead to others is the only way to get a Job in CAD Segment...and the only way to stay ahead to others is to master the software by learning the course thoroughly, doing good projects and teaching juniors for few months..