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Utilizing powerful and flexible ANSYS tools and technology, we provide you world class training on the most innovative and powerful simulation solutions.


ANSYS FEA, CFD and Electromagnetics software is recognized as the world’s leading fully integrated suite of computer-aided engineering tools. ANSYS solutions are broad and highly integrated, with advanced technology in all key areas including structural, CFD, thermal, dynamics, and meshing. ANSYS software enables organizations to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world.



Learning Objectives

·         Successful completion of the course will provide students with the ability prepare and optimize their geometry for analysis and to use Simulation to perform static structural finite element analyses, as well as provide a brief introduction to thermal and modal analyses.

·         Students will learn when it is appropriate to simplify, or defeature CAD geometry, and how best to accomplish it.

·         Students will learn how to create parametric models in which geometric dimensions can be readily changed.

·         Students will learn how to use the ANSYS Workbench GUI, how to interface with CAD geometry, how to mesh the geometry, how to apply loads and boundary conditions, how to solve the analysis, and how to post-process the results.

·         Students will learn the basics of finite element theory and gain insight on how to create and analyze models that produce accurate results

Immediate Benefits

·         The student will be able to effectively and efficiently create, modify and/or import geometry for real-world finite element applications.

·         The student will be able to create and analyze detailed, real-world finite element static structural models using the ANSYS Workbench software upon completion of the class.

·         The student will gain practical knowledge in performing finite element analysis and understanding the key factors in creating quality meshes, applying loading and boundary conditions that mimic real-world applications, and interpreting results



ANSYS Syllabus


Basic Introduction on FEA, ANSYS Workbench GUI

Finite Element Basics, Types of Analysis, Sample problem


ANSYS Design Modeler

DM GUI, Geometry creation- Sketching and Modeling Tools,


Geometry Repair


ANSYS Meshing

Meshing Introduction, Global controls


Local controls, mesh quality check


Static structural Analysis

File handling, Material creation & assignment


1D,2D and 3D Analysis


Contacts and Joints


Remote boundary conditions

DAY 10

Object Generator & Named Selections

DAY 11

Parameter Management

DAY 12

Submodeling and Buckling Analysis

DAY 13

Modal Analysis

Free and forced Vibrations, Natural frequency & Mode shapes

DAY 14

Steady-state Thermal Analysis

Modes of Heat Transfer and Basic Thermal Problem

DAY 15

Problems on Fin tube, Heating Coil



Computational Fluid dynamics syllabus

DAY 16

Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)

Introduction to CFD, Basic Fluid flows, ANSYS Fluent GUI and Sample problem

DAY 17


Finite Volume Method and discretization techniques

DAY 18

Named/zone selections

Boundary Conditions

DAY 19

Solver settings

DAY 20

Post Processing

Results Verification

DAY 21

Sample problems

Problem on T- Junction

DAY 22

Compressible flow analysis of an Aerofoil

DAY 23

Turbulence Modeling

Introduction to Turbulence and sample problem

DAY 24

Problem  on Backward step & Turbulent flow in a compact Heat Exchanger

DAY 25

Problem on Vortex Shedding

DAY 26

Aerodynamic Analysis on a car body

DAY 27

Heat Transfer Using ANSYS Fluent

Heat Transfer analysis of T-Pipe Junction

DAY 28

Problem on Heat Pipe

DAY 29

Radiation and Natural convection

DAY 30

Periodic flow and Heat Transfer



Training from Expert: Mr.Chakri

5 years real time experience in engineering analysis and working for an MNC.

Guest faculty exclusively for ANSYS


ANSYS Training Fees: Rs.8000/-

CFD Fees: Rs.8000/-


Special Offer for 2018 Passed outs and Current final years:

 ANSYS + CFD : Fees: Rs.8000/- + 18% GST

Batch Size: 20 only.

Duration: 30 days (Extendable by another 10 days basing on the guest staff availability)


Batch dates: 13/12/2018 & 28/1/2019

Batch Time: 6.30-8.45pm


Contact Ms.Faheem on 8143031068 / 9866131068 to reserve your seat.