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Students have a lot of stress.

In educational institutions at all levels, students experience many psychological problems. The major ones include dealing with infatuation, pressure of academics with the obligation of success, uncertain future and difficulties, envisaged for integration into the system, learning disabilities, difficulties in understanding academic concepts, financial problems, health problems, exam stress, and experiencing discriminatory treatment or any form of violent and criminal acts within the educational institutions.

Some Manage and Some fumble.

The abilities of the students vary in terms of coping with psychological problems. Some students find it difficult to cope with psychological problems and experience setbacks. Whereas, some take it as a challenge and work diligently. Usually, when students experience psychological problems and feel that they are becoming impediments with in the course of achievement of desired academic goals, they seek solutions from professional counsellors.

Medical solution.

Psychological problems can be addressed by various methods of medical treatment combined with changing lifestyle, making a planner for the whole day and sincerely following the same etc. will result in good academic performance and achieving academic goals. Medical treatment will have its own side effects and so should be resorted to as the last option.

Spiritual Solution.

Bhagawat Gita is the best medicine that Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna, who was dejected and depressed on the battlefield. Today, every student is fighting their own battle. We are all “Arjuna's” in some way or the other. We are waging a war with poor quality education and bad governance, leading to poor quality education and very few jobs. Still, we can’t blame others for our failures. We have to come out successful in this competitive world to survive. In this war, some succeed and some fail. Gita teaches the students to take success and failure equally. It encourages us to put our best efforts and leave the result to God. Once people learn Gita, they can manage all relationships and friendships easily. They learn not to hate anyone nor love anyone. Chapter-6 of Gita encourages meditation for concentration and focus in life. With Gita wisdom, the student can be disciplined all through their graduation, and we feel that Gita should be taught in the school itself to make people face this world, boldly like Arjuna.

GITA is all about who we are and why we are here.

Gita is not a book for a particular set of people. It is being introduced by top British schools and top management schools all over the world. It is being introduced even in many middle eastern countries in their school education. But, sadly, we live in a country where uttering words like “Gita” or “Jai Sriram” is a crime or a religious word. We have acted nice and finally, we could neither satisfy anyone nor develop India to be a strong nation. Post-independence, we never taught character building to our people, and as a result, today we see the huge animosity between people of different faiths, religions, languages, castes etc. We have made a mess with our country making people feel embarrassed and inferior about the “knowledge of self” which was given to us 5000 years ago when there was no word by the name “Religion” in existence. Moses was the first one to introduce the concept of the mean word “Religion” in the year 1525 BC after which the same was propagated with sword and deceit and never with conviction or freedom.

No fees for 1000 Student Groups for the year 2021-2022.

To encourage people of all faiths, learn “Their real self” to deal with their life happily, and to support Gita University with funds from students, we at ECC, have resolved to completely wavier the fees of Rs.8000/- (bundle course) for 1000 people during the year2021-2022 who fundraise and donate to Gita University.

How much to fundraise to be eligible for this free offer?

Four students may join as a group and fundraise Rs.10000/- (ten thousand only) and donate to Gita University. They will get a redemption code to one student lead and the same can be used by all four students of the group to redeem our bundle course for free.

Website to visit and donate.

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